Thursday, November 07, 2002

This whole NYC wind thing is genuinely awful. I've never understood the need for scarves until now. Until now, I thought they looked silly. Now I know I need a superscarf. Now I realize that tornadoes are merciful because they're quick. This wind here lasts for months. They have these Great Lakes here that apparently suck the good weather into the depths, switching it with FREEZING PIERCING wind. Between that and the garbage on the street, it seems every moment is an awful American Beauty moment. I keep getting assaulted by plastic bags that are floating around in eddies of this wind trapped between the buildings.

And poor Bear's flared dog ass. The only time that the wind is at my back is when I'm walking Bear. This is a comfort to me, and an embarassment to Bear. As she gets older, her hind end is getting a lot of long white hair, kind of like old man nose hairs. As I was walking her last night, it was flared out like the vapor trail behind a supersonic jet.

Voting was a disaster last night. I was at school from 7:30 to 5:00, then went to what was supposed to be my polling place. I used Dan's link for precinct locator to be a 21st century guy. After waiting in line for about fifteen minutes, they tell me that I am not on their lists. Apparently I'm in a different area and have to go to a different location. Unfortunately, I'm out of time, as I have to leave to get to my university classes. I get home that night with fifteen minutes to spare, but chicken out, as I would have to go through the projects. Voting is important, but so is not getting mugged. I'm feeling really guilty. I missed the last presidential because of Peace Corps inefficiency (late absentee ballots, idiot country director who denied us the opportunity to go to the embassy, etc.) I just feel like a non-voter.

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Damn, damn, DAMN! I wrote a good blog, posted it, and lost it. Now I can't remember what it was! Pissy monkeys!

Monday, November 04, 2002

I spent some time this weekend looking at friends' websites. First, I had a good laugh at David C's blog, the blog of a guy who was at the last Swanktuary party. He gave me this great link. Take some text from something like a letter, send it through the blender, and laugh your ass off.

Minty fresh and unemployed Jim S from DC sent me the link to his photography. Sexy, original, and fun. I want him to do photos of me. Tasty.

Sunday, November 03, 2002

The batteries aren't charged up to full levels, but I'm doing much better after a weekend working on the house. I installed the washer/dryer, repaired bunches of things, cleaned up the house, graded tons of homework, and even made soap. Yes, I'm also a soap-making god now. Exciting, huh? It's not exciting enough to make this week bearable, but at least I can wash the blood off with my new soap bar after going on a killing spree.

My friend Jennifer H spotted some supermodel a few weeks back at Union Square. She was tall, shopping for something that goes well with cigarettes and heroin. I was simply intrigued by the fact that she had terrible skin. We all look in the mirror and see all of our flaws, she's just lucky enough to have a professional digital retoucher.

The other notable thing about this event is that I've become so accustomed to mildly famous people, I don't even feel the need to comment about them. Now that I've been here for six months, I see a supermodel, a frumpy Chad Lowe, or the blond Baldwin, and I don't even blink. I am ready to be a gawking fool for the big stars. Bring 'em on.