Saturday, November 23, 2002

Anyone know of a good gay travel agent?
I can't think of anything more fun than eating breakfast while watching the Matrix. Nothing says 'quality movie' like mind-warping explosions. I have watched it a million times, and I still find it fun. There is no spoon, you know. The fact that I ate half a box of ginger snaps doesn't affect my need for superduperhyperexciting imagery.

Thursday, November 21, 2002

I am so disappointed and pissed off. When I joined the gay community, did I pick the 'really unreliable commitment' group accidentally? My Christmas foursome to Cancun shrank to three, dwindled to two, and now is just me. Part of my move here to NYC was to establish my own family, the same way those crazy straight members do. Having a gay family is more fun, the food is better, and everyone can go clubbing after unwrapping presents.

Last Christmas definitely wasn't the most fun of my life, and I really need a sun-filled vacation of at least one week between the 21st and 30 of December. I love my family, but it's time I start doing some holidays on my own. I'm not blaming my friends, they have families they need to see or not enough money to go. Lesson learned- when I make plans important to me, don't count on anyone but myself. I will go by myself and spend my Christmas alone on the beach if I have to do it, but I'd much rather have some friends. I know I can easily make some there also. If there are still any humans who read this who want to travel and get some sun, contact me. I'm serious.
I'm feeling a bit under the weather. I called in sick to work today. When I phoned this morning, the nice lady in the program office (I still can't remember her name) simply responded with an 'okey-dokey'. I knew I liked her, but now I know because we share the bond of goofy comments. Today was not the smartest day to miss, but I'm really not up to screaming kids. That big uvula thingie is hanging like Tarzan in the back of my throat, it hurts to talk, and I'm going to take it easy.

I just finished some hot tea with honey, lightly topped with two huge greasy eggs and FOUR Krispy Kreme donuts. On my way home last night I purchased six, now I have one. I know that I constantly complain about my cholesterol, but I haven't purchased any donuts since August. As long as I don't buy any for the rest of the month, I can reason mathematically that I average two per month. I love math.

I'm going to sit quietly here in the loft, write lesson plans, maybe bubble wrap my windows. Very exciting stuff.

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Came home last night to Sparky watching popular tv. Watching Boston Commons proves that nothing on television is real. On this drama about a public school, teachers have perfect bodies, amazing lessons involving falling cars, listen to classical music, and solve problems over free coffee in the teachers' lounge.

For those who like to watch those magicians reveal their secrets, here's a behind-the-scenes look at a public school: THERE IS NO FREE COFFEE. If there was free coffee, it wouldn't be drinkable. Even those people in the Fellows who started with nice bodies have flabbed out or scrawnied out. Eventually I would love to do spectacular experiments, but I'm currently having to buy my own chalk. Classical music is shuttled to the background when teachers write comments like "Your a good student!" on English papers.

Daphne said it perfectly tonight as we were leaving our university class. Only three more days this week, then three days next week. I can make it. I can make it. I can make it.

Monday, November 18, 2002

This weekend I'm looking forward to going somewhere with some friends for a practice I haven't done since Uzbekistan...
I really must cut back on the weekend spending. I keep forgetting that I'm living on a teacher's salary. It would be okay except that I've also set a goal of being free of all credit card debt by March, so I am trying to really prioritize spending.

But alcohol with friends is so much fun! I had a great time with the other bloggers at this grotty little bar with a catchy name and truly awful tunes. Since I usually go to hipster bars or gay bars, it is funny to see how badly straight people dress and act in normal situations. Living in New York makes it so easy to ignore the rest of the world, it can be a bit jarring when other people get offended over boys kissing.

I also went to the Museum of the Moving Image with friend Scott and friend Sam. We had fun editing scenes from popular movies, although I found it very un-kosher (sp?) of Scott to be editing Babe the pig. I was getting excited about some gifts in the museum shop for my niece's upcoming bday until Scott made the snarky comments about 'gifts from the geeky uncle.' I guess I'll do the safe thing, email her an Amazon certificate. Since I teach some kids in her age group, you'd think I'd know what she wants. Probably wants blingbling.