Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Back to full yelling strength, used frequently. Eight more days of this, then I'm off for holidays. My administration will replace all the basic materials, bless 'em. I love my principal and administration. They really do take care of me. My main losses will be the cd player. I have to say that EVERY teacher is praying for the MTA strike, as school is curtailed. We stand with our union brothers! I am pushing for resolution by Friday the 20th, as I need services at that point again.

Monday, December 09, 2002

My voice was just sufficient to yelling at students today. Hot tea, cough drops, basic mayhem. I've been trying to decide some kind of gifts I could afford to give to all of them. While I was sick on Thursday and Friday, they apparently decided to pick their own gifts. My cd player, all my supplies from my stapler to my markers, my chalk, my erasers, even the Bunger bucks. They slashed some of my posters and destroyed my grading book (last quarter's book, thank goodness).

I think I'd rather talk about the uniquely wonderful NYC mixture of dog poo and snow. Until I moved here, I always had large enough gardens to not worry about picking up poo. However, picking up dog poo is difficult here when it snows. Being hot, it immediately creates a steaming hole in the snow, which creates a frantic search, almost like the Swiss after an avalanche. Eventually you find the little snow berries, but you can't be certain that you got them all.

Now that the snow is melting, I'm discovering that many dog owners also missed some, as there is a mix of ice and skidded bits. Very exciting on my way to work.