Friday, December 27, 2002

Some friends from other states have asked whether I’m going to be in Times Square for New Years. Not only no, hell no. I’ve definitely become averse to freezing weather, milling throngs of drunken puking teenagers and pickpockets. Times Square is a wonderful thing to walk through- once. It is the bright shiny optimistic capitalistic electric example of the amazing allure of America, and the dangerous greed and environmental waste flipside. Plus I don’t know the words to Auld Lang Sine (Zine? Sein?)

I definitely have the desire to have a New York New Year, maybe go somewhere dressed in a tux, laughing with friends over some political joke. Maybe I’ll just go with friends to some huge club, jumping and sweating to some music, flailing my rhythmically doomed limbs with goofy Texan abandon. I definitely want to be kissing multiple guys, friends, maybe even a few girls at midnight. Maybe even for some minutes past when everyone’s big balls drop. My big resolution is to kiss more this year. I love kissing, I love the feel of the distant heartbeat transferring to my lips, the flush of heat in contact, the single minded focus of the moment, the sacrifice of air for passion.

I publicly resolve to do the following:
Tell people more often why I like being around them.
Tell people more often why I don’t like being around them.
See one Broadway show every month.
Get a library card, start borrowing books rather than buying them.
Sunburn my ass on a nude beach.
Learn Spanish.
Try acupuncture.
Eat horse.

End every sentence with “as the will of God demands”
I think I have some genetic disorder that renders me completely incapable of keeping/locating remotes. I'm sitting here typing letters and such, the phone rings, I pause the player. I leap up to find the phone which I've misplaced (it's randomly on the shelf next to the stereo in my room), talk on the phone while wandering around the loft, hang up, set the phone down, again randomly. I sit back down, where once again I realize that I had taken the remote with me when I went to answer the phone. Damn. I eventually found it, next to Dan's plants that I keep alive. Why? I was wandering around. I should probably eliminate the cordless phone.

Thursday, December 26, 2002

Yummy. Nothing like nursing a hangover the day after Christmas. I think I should backtrack a wee bit...

Frank and Brett came up from DC last weekend, it was a good time. Frank is this perennially happy person, wrinkle free and perpetually like a kid at Christmas. When I usually meet people like this they tend to also be incredibly stupid. That's what makes Frank so special. He's very intelligent, but just doesn't worry about things. I found out that one of his friends had wrecked one of his scooters, and he was quite calm about the whole thing. I wish I could be that way. I'm not.

Drove back with Frank to DC, went to a lovely bar called Feint. The music was good, the beer was cheap, and the crowd was enjoyable. Ended up meeting a few guys there, including one who was a former Peace Corps volunteer in Russia. Mir tyesen. We ended up talking to a guy who was Russian, then the group expanded to the Russian's friend, who also happened to be the neighbor of the Peace Corps volunteer guy. Their dogs are often walked at the same time.

Jim, Frank's roommate and one of my best friends, is thoroughly disgusted with my uncanny ability to meet guys. I simply have no real fear of rejection, as I don't take it personally if someone isn't interested in me. Everyone knows that I love talking, so it is very easy and natural for me now. When I first started going to gay bars, I had to get totally drunk to even talk to someone, but now I realize that EVERY person there wants to meet other people. One just has to make the first move.

Sunday, December 22, 2002

I have all sorts of things to write about, but first I really, really, really need to finish my term paper project. Then I'm off to DC this afternoon for a few days.