Thursday, March 13, 2003

Screw responsibility, I've just purchased myself a ticket to San Francisco from April 17th-24th. I've never been to northern California, and it sounds like the perfect spring break. I don't have any plans yet, nor do I have any official places to stay, but I have a shiny Jetblue ticket in my name. I shall eat, drink, and be merry. Maybe I'll get a tattoo. The possibilities are endless. I might even drink AND get a tattoo. I'm just crazy that way.

Monday, March 10, 2003

Bloody hell yurgly gurgly fuck. New roommate Andrew just mentioned that he has decided to move back to Manhattan. BY APRIL 1. This promises to be fun, as I just love doing the whole roommate search over again. I just threw away the list of potential roommates last week! Bollocks, bollocks, bollocks. Yet again, if anyone knows of someone looking for a place, email me. I'm really hoping to get someone from a friend, rather than

Sunday, March 09, 2003

One of the horsemen of the Apocalypse galloped out of the Time Out NY magazine last week. I'm flipping through the pages, and this horrifying vision assaulted me, making me know that we live in the final days of humanity.

Debbie Gibson and Neil Patrick Harris are the leads in Cabaret. Ouch. Nothing wrong with them really, they could be wonderful, now that she is now Deborah Gibson, and he's no longer Doogie. However, the prophecies have foretold the end, and the end shall involve the scariest leads on Broadway.

Both actors were extremely influential in my early years. Debbie was so much better than Tiffany, and Doogie Howser was originally from Portales, NM. I had some redneck friends who regularly beat him up during his tortured childhood. He moved away when he was about 12, and these boys grew to then bash fags at the local gay cruising spot. This was fortunate/unfortunate for me, as I didn't know there were any gays in the area. I made the correct noises when they talked about beating up fags, and then casually excused myself from the festivities. I think I'll write more about this later.