Saturday, April 05, 2003

There is so much chaos and confusion right now. People are upset, possessive, and confused. All because of the new smoking ban. I went to go see Andy's show at this bar above the Slide. Bar stools are always a prize at crowded bars, but now they are a territorial contention between feuding factions.

Before the smoking ban, if someone left to go to the bathroom or to get a drink, their coat would mark their territory. Now all the smokers have to go outside, so the stools appear unoccupied. Carpe stool, we always say. People were constantly having to tell someone to get away from their stools, the possessor of the stool was outside satisfying their nicotine need. While Chris, Rick, and Scott went outside, I had to fiercely guard our four stools, because it appeared that I was some psycho with a seating fetish.

A new etiquette will eventually develop, or maybe some clever New Yorker will develop a seat version of those little bracelets for wine glasses. The only other possibility is total anarchy, and nobody wants that in a bar.

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Sex and paper towels. I went to someone's site, can't remember which one for reference, dagnabbit. I'm just amused because my brawny towel choice wears a cowboy hat.

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

I'm just giddy with geeky excitement. I just got my sparkly new Canon digital camera. I justified it because I'm going to San Francisco in just a few weeks. I've been wildly unhappy with my antedeluvian digital camera with the broken battery pack. Now I can pull out my spiffy camera and take photos everywhere. Woohoo!

Also, go to **|** ANDY'S CHEST **|**, which is where I'll be Friday.

Sunday, March 30, 2003

I'm a happy blogdaddy again! Everyone pass the cigars around for Andrea. Wait a second- do cigars symbolize something?
It's Sunday morning, everyone in the loft is still asleep, and I'm seriously yumming on this super-scrumptious chocolate that Sparky and Rooster got for me in Italy. Hell, I'm seriously humming on this chocolate, as I've only had three cups of coffee and this confectionary masterpiece for food. They are very good guys, and I will always say that about anyone who buys me good chocolate.

Back in my fat and straight/closeted days, I ate a lot of chocolate. I love chocolate, I love the smell, I love the variety of textures, the granular crunch of a serious dark, the swirly smoothness of a high cocoa-butter blend; always the feeling of it slowly dissolving in my mouth, playing with my tastebuds, sweet and bitter floating around in a perfect mix.

Years ago, I had to come out of the closet, and I had to lose weight. The chocolate was one of the big sacrifices. Since then, I've got back into the habit of eating sweets, again, as I have become more balanced in my life. I've come to realize two things- skinny isn't everything, and sweets in moderation are good. Not that I am ever really moderate, but I am much better than I was before. The really big tragedy is that I never got back into eating chocolate, substituting inferior products like Krispy Kreme Doughnuts or Newman-O's (they're healthier than Oreos, and they support charities and organic farming!)

I should mention before any old roommate or our friend with giant red doughnut tattoos get cranky that it's not that I don't still love KK doughnuts, I just want some some non-mass produced love in little delicious squares. I think sometimes I'm a little too polar, okay, maybe way polar. Changes in my life have usually been pretty extreme, and I throw babies out with the bathwater. Throwing babies can be fun, although a bit wasteful. I think it would be a great photo, the baby sailing through the air, water coalescing into droplets in slo-mo. The baby could have one of those beatific smiles, experiencing its first and only flight...

I think I sidetracked again. Oops, back to chocolate. I am planning on going on some chocolate exploration over the next few weeks. Quality is good, and I really enjoy it. I think this is a good thing.